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SPD-V020-V010 Handheld Roll Gap Checker



SPD-V020-V010 Handheld Roll Gap Checker is prodcued by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co.,. It is specially used to measure the length between spherical surface, arc surface and plane (or spherical surface). It is specially suitable for the opening adjustment of the roll gap of the metallurgical continuous casters, because the roll gap checker has the advantages of high resolution, accurate measurement, stable data and is easy to use. The opening accuracy of the roll gap checker will directly affect the quality of the billets, so the roll gap checker is an indispensable testing equipment for the continuous casting equipment. It can fully meet the needs of on-site installation testing and use process verification.


Working principle:

When the handheld roll gap measuring instrument smoothly passes through the gap of the guide rolls of the continuous casting machine, the upper measuring contact of the handheld roll gap checker touches the inner arc roll and the lower measuring contact touches the outer arc roll. The handheld roll gap checker is used in perpendicular to the roll diameter direction, during the pushing process, when the handheld roll gap meter is in the tangent plane of the upper and lower rolls, the measured value is the smallest at this time, and this value is the roll gap measurement value.   

The design of the handheld roll gap instrument ensures that the upper and lower contacts of the roll gap checker can smoothly pass the measured roll along a straight line during measurement. During the measurement process, the roll gap measuring instrument automatically compares the measured values, and displays the minimum measured value on the instrument display interface, which is the current measured roll gap value.



Internal parts:

Main body of the handheld roll gap checker;

Replaceable measuring head/washer set for different roll diameters, easy to replace;

Calibration base + Digital display vernier caliper, which can assist in the calibration of various measurement lengths;

Standby battery + Cross screwdriver, when the battery power is insufficient, the battery can be replaced in time.



Features of system:

Intuitive display

Simple operation and measurement, can start measuring after turning on

Portable low power consumption design


Technical parameters:

Measurement range of roll gap :60~120mm

Measurement accuracy:0.001/0.01mm

Dynamic measurement range:0 ~1.2mm

Working temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃

Storage temperature:-10℃ ~ 60℃  





SPD-V020-V010 Handheld Roll Gap Checker

It is specially suitable for the opening adjustment of the roll gap of the metallurgical continuous casters, because the roll gap checker has the advantages of high resolution, accurate measurement, stable data and is easy to use. The opening accuracy of the roll gap checker will directly affect the quality of the billets, so the roll gap checker is an indispensable testing equipment for the continuous casting equipment. It can fully meet the needs of on-site installation testing.




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