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ZST-P100 Online Continuous Temperature Measurement of the Billet End



The system aims at the continuous temperature detection of the product obtained from the continuous casting machine. The billets and their surrounding environmental factors such as scale, steam, shielding and other factors, are considered in the scheme design and equipment selection. The accurate detection and real-time transmission of temperature during the billets movement are also considered.


The equipment selection

T  emperature detection

The billet temperature detection adopts the two-color integrated high-temperature thermometer produced by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering CO.,Temperature measurement range: 600°C - 1400°C; All components are installed in a sturdy housing for continuous measurement. The optimized treatment is taken for the problems that the semi-finished billets are hindered by steam or other particles (scale) in the environment, and the billets movement and the installation limited field of view. It provides fast, real-time monitoring of high temperature billets.


Equipment cooling

Using vortex air cooling device, no power supply is needed, only dry air is required, and the low temperature cooling gas below 0°C is output to cool the three sets of temperature detection equipment.


Signal transmission

The bidirectional RS-485 communication of the measurement and control system is used among multiple (multi-stream) measuring equipment or among the measuring equipment and the secondary meter. The Industrial Ethernet or DP network communication is used between the secondary instrument and the PLC. The signal transmission equipment adopts the communication equipment supporting multi-protocol network.


Purge device (optional)

When the environmental occlusion is severe, and the main occlusion is gaseous substances such as steam, it is recommended to use a purging device. The purging device uses dry air, and the solenoid valve controls the start and stop.



Adopting DataTemp software to remotely set and monitor the measuring equipment. Adopting ScanTemp software to analyze and process the temperature data and eliminate invalid signals. Through the software model, the interference factors such as steam and iron scale can be overcome and the actual temperature of the casting billets can be displayed in real time.


The features

Using Si/Si stack detector, high sensitivity

It is easy to use and has sturdy housing, which meets NEMA-4 standard

Bidirectional RS-485/DP communication (can be networked), supports up to 32 detection sensors at most

With user-defined alarm methods, analog and digital outputs are synchronized

Use protective devices and air cooling devices, can withstand high temperature environment

Accurate measurement of moving targets or targets obscured by dust, smoke and other particles in the atmosphere

Adopt passive cooling apparatus, high cooling efficiency and low maintenance

Use software to remotely set and monitor, analyze and secondary process the data, and optimize occlusion measurement


The parameters

Measurement range600℃1400℃

Response time10ms

Spectral responsebicolor



Cooling air pressure>0.5Kpa

Cooling air flow24L/min


Output signal485 / DP / 4-20mA

Environment standardNEMA4 (IEC529, IP65)  





ZST-P100 Online Continuous Temperature Measurement of the Billet End

The system aims at the continuous temperature detection of the product obtained from the continuous casting machine. The billets and their surrounding environmental factors such as scale, steam, shielding and other factors, are considered in the scheme design and equipment selection. The accurate detection and real-time transmission of temperature during the billets movement are also considered.




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