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LGK-S107 Analog Heat Source Instrument





LGK-S107 analog heat source instrument (heating tool) is independently developed and designed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C CO., Ltd. This instrument is a heating and testing equipment used to test the performance of the thermocouples  installed in the mold in continuous casting machine. After the installation of the mold breakout prediction thermocouples completed, the analog heat source instrument is used to test these thermocouples before they go online. After the thermocouple is connected to the mold thermocouple detector, the current temperature of each thermocouple point will be displayed. By using our heating device to heat the copper plate point of each thermocouple at a fixed point, the thermocouple will have a synchronous temperature rise and then we can observe the temperature rise curve of the same column of temperature points to see whether the temperature measurement consistency of the column of thermocouples is consistent, so as to judge the overall status of thermocouples installed in the mold. If an abnormal point occurs, it needs to be repaired and replaced, so as to ensure the stable operation of the mold breakout prediction system.


The working principle:

The heating tool generates high heat by 220v alternating current and the electric heating element. The heat is transmitted to the copper plate of the mold through the copper head to simulate the heat source of molten steel, so that the thermocouples of the mold can sense the temperature change to achieve the purpose of calibrating the temperature measurement system.


The composition:

Walking trolley mechanism


Pure copper heating contacts

PID thermostat

High power heating tube

high power driver



The parameters:

Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

Total power: 2200W

Single point power: 300W

Temperature control accuracy: 1°C

Temperature control range: 0°C-500°C

Common temperature range: 25°C-300°C

Heating points: 3 (points can be customized)

Heating method: heating tube heating

Heating contact material: copper





LGK-S107 Analog Heat Source Instrument

It is a heating and testing equipment used to test the performance of the thermocouple installed in the mold in continuous casting machine. After the installation of the mold breakout forecast thermocouple is completed, the analog heat source instrument is used to test these couples before they go online.




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