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LAG-V020 Electromagnetic Detection Coil for Ladle Slag


1.The sensor is made of imported high-performance materials and installed at the bottom of the ladle as a guide component for the ladle nozzle. It can work normally in an environment up to 900for a long time, achieving no burning, no damage, and has good weak signal detection characteristics. The service life of the sensor is more than 800 furnaces.

2.The signal connector of the sensor can meet the reliable connection under high temperature and strong oxidation conditions.

3. The sensor coil has overcome the problem of signal drift caused by the changes in the distribution parameters characteristics such as impedance, after working in a high temperature environment for a long time, so that the system can automatically compensate and ensure the accuracy of the system signal processing and slag alarm.

4. It can completely replace similar foreign products.





LAG-V020 Electromagnetic Detection Coil (Sensor) for Ladle Slag Detection System

The sensor coil has overcome the problem of signal drift caused by the changes in the distribution parameters’ characteristics such as impedance, after working in a high temperature environment for a long time, so that the system can automatically compensate and ensure the accuracy of the system signal processing and slag alarm.




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