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WGS-L004 Slab/ Plate Steel Width Measuring System




WGS-L004 Laser Slab/Plate Steel Width Measuring System is a measuring instrument for measuring the width of online, high temperature and high-speed moving objects by using the high-precision laser distance measuring principle. It is mainly used for the width measurement of continuous casting billet in steel mills and the width measurement before or after heating furnace in hot rolling mill and width measurement and inspection of plate steel.

WGS-L004 Laser Slab/Plate Steel Width Measuring System is mainly composed of hardware system and software system. The hardware system includes a laser rangefinding sensor to measure the relative position of the casting billet and the sensor. The arithmetic unit calculates the absolute position and width of the casting billet according to the measurement data of the laser rangefinding sensor. The built-in infrared laser thermometer simultaneously measures the slab temperature and transmits it to the host system of the width measuring instrument. The software in the host system calculates the actual width of the casting billet and the width in normal temperature, and display relevant data and changing curves, and alarm according to the deviation threshold set by the software system or manually. The software system is mainly used to analyze and process the measurement data collected by the hardware system, and display the slab data analyzed by the software through the display panel, and send control and alarm commands to the hardware system.


The measuring principle of the system

The system realizes the width measurement of the slab through the laser rangefinding instrument installed on both sides of the slab, and the measurement data is transmitted to the host system through the optical fiber. The actual width, contour information and width deviation of the slab are calculated by accurately measuring the laser rangfindinging sensors data and the relative position of the sensor installed on site by the host computer. The actual parameter data and allowable deviation parameters of the slab are analyzed through the host software system, then the control signal of the deviation or alarm single will be given.


The features of the system

Using optical fiber signal transmission;

Quality control alarm function;

Unique optical vibration compensation technology;

High measurement accuracy and fast response;

Full digital detection, automatic calibration system;

Moving image linear noise correction technology, electronic exposure technology;

The software has a self-diagnosis function, which can quickly find problems;

The software interface is good, powerful, easy to operate and maintenance-free;

Excellent mathematical model realizes the accurate width detection of bad profile;

It can effectively identify and compensate the beating, inclination, side deflection, profile and wave edge of the tested plate;




The main technical requirements

Measuring distance: 2m-10m (according to the on-site environment)

Measuring range: 0.05m-40m

Resolution: 0.01mm

Repeatability accuracy: 0.05mm

Measurement output frequency: 30Hz (adjustable)

Laser class: 2 (IEC60825-1:2014)

Protection class: IP65

Communication: TCP/IP

Measurement range of temperature: 0℃-2000℃

Working temperature: -20℃-60℃




WGS-L004 Slab/ Plate Steel Width Measuring System

It is a measuring instrument for measuring the width of online, high temperature and high-speed moving objects by using the high-precision laser distance measuring principle. It is mainly used for the width measurement of continuous casting billet in steel mills and the width measurement before or after heating furnace in hot rolling mill and width measurement and inspection of plate steel.




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