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WGS-C100 Slab/Strip Width Measuring System



WGS-C100 Slab/Strip With Measuring System is a high-precision measuring system that uses a linear array CCD camera as an image acquisition device to achieve online high-speed width measurement of casting billets, plates of middle thickness and strips. Due to the low unidirectional resolution of the area array CCD camera, it is difficult to complete the measurement task in the occasions where the measuring requirements of the axial direction is high. The linear array CCD camera has high resolution of axial spatial and good measurement consistency, which can realize high-precision measurement of slab/strip.


The measuring principle of the system

The WGS-C100 slab/strip width measuring system measures the vertical distance between the CCD camera and the slab through laser assistance, and then measures the slab width data by a linear CCD camera with up to 8K pixels. The data acquisition system collects and transmits data from two laser sensors and an 8K line array CCD camera to the arithmetic logic unit via the digital interface. The arithmetic logic unit uses the high-speed arithmetic module and recognition model to calculate the distance data from the slab/strip to the CCD camera and the inclination angle of the slab through the collected data of the laser sensor. Then, the pixel width information collected by the CDD camera is combined with the height information and inclination angle of the CCD and slab to calculate the precise width data of the slab/strip, and transmit it to the host system through the optical fiber. Then the host system is displayed by the visualization software to the monitor in the main control room, and compares the error threshold of slabs width set on site to perform alarm action.


The technical features

The software interface is good, powerful, easy to operate and maintenance-free;

Excellent mathematical model realizes accurate width detection of bad profile;

It can effectively identify and compensate the beating, inclination, side deflection and profile of the tested plate;

Moving image linear noise correction technology, electronic exposure technology;

The software has self-diagnosis function;

Full digital detection, automatic calibration system;

Unique optical vibration compensation technology;

High measurement accuracy and fast response;

Using optical fiber signal transmission;

Quality control alarm;


The technical parameters

Measuring distance: 3-5m (according to the on-site environment)

Resolution: ±0.05mm

Repeatability: 0.1mm

Measurement frequency: 80KHz

Measurement output frequency: 50Hz (adjustable)

Laser class: 2 (IEC60825-1:2014)

Protection class: IP65

Measurement range of temperature: 0℃-2000℃

Working temperature: -20℃-60℃




WGS-C100 Slab/Strip Width Measuring System

It is a high-precision measuring system that uses a linear array CCD camera as an image acquisition device to achieve online high-speed width measurement of casting billets, plates of middle thickness and strips. The linear array CCD camera has high resolution of axial spatial and good measurement consistency, which can realize high-precision measurement of slab/strip.




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