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CPC-D100 CPC Photoelectric Strip Automatic Center Position Control System

The composition of the system

The photoelectric strip automatic center position control system is mainly composed of sensors, amplifiers, PLC controllers, hydraulic control and other parts.

System composition block diagram


The main technical parameters

1. Detection width: 300-2800mm

2. Detection light source: 220VAC. (100VAC) 30W. High frequency white light works continuously

3. Photodetector: precision die-casting components, time constant 20ms

4. Maximum working voltage: <50VDC

5. Distance from receiver to emitter: 300-1000mm

6. Operating temperature: 0℃-60℃

7. Resolution: <0.5mm

8. Linearity: <±1%F.S (after linearization)

9. Repeatability error: △R<1%, F.S

10. Servo-valve working signal: ±10V

11. Rated pressure (oil pressure): 4.5Mpa

12. Rated flow: 30L/min

13. Symmetry: <10%




CPC-D100 CPC Photoelectric Strip Automatic Center Position Control System

The function of the system is to automatically align and correct the deviation of the steel strip, keep the center position of the steel strip basically unchanged, and meet the requirements of continuous centering. The photoelectric strip automatic center position control system is mainly composed of sensors, amplifiers, PLC controllers, hydraulic control and other parts.




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