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GAA-C100 Coke Oven Gas Analysis System


The GAA-C100 coke oven gas analysis system is an analysis system specially designed for the continuous online detection of gas components in coke oven gas. The system adopts advanced sampling and pretreatment technology to purify and treat tar, coal dust, water vapor, naphthalene, sulfide and other corrosive substances in coke oven gas, which ensures the normal online operation of analytical instruments. The combination of high reliability, advanced measurement technology and sophisticated sampling treatment constitutes a coke oven gas analysis system with complete functions, safety and reliability, low maintenance, easy operation and long service life.




GAA-C100 Coke Oven Gas Analysis System

It is an analysis system specially designed for the continuous online detection of gas components in coke oven gas. The system adopts advanced sampling and pretreatment technology to purify and treat tar, coal dust, water vapor, naphthalene, sulfide and other corrosive substances in coke oven gas, which ensures the normal online operation of analytical instruments.




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