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GAV-S120 Converter Flue Gas Analysis System


The GAV-S120 converter flue gas analysis system is composed of waterproof and dustproof all stainless steel sampling probes, sampling pretreatment and double finishing cabinets according to the specific working parameters and requirements of converters in steel plants. The dust particle size of the clean sample gas sent to the analytical instrument after treatment is less than 0.1μ. The system consists of sampling unit, pretreatment unit, finishing cabinet, analysis unit, calibration unit, and control unit. This system provides signal control interlocking with lifting and lowering hood or induced draft fan, and continuously monitors CO, CO2, O2 and other gas concentrations in converter gas during smelting.





GAV-S120 Converter Flue Gas Analysis System

The GAV-S120 converter gas analysis system is composed of waterproof and dustproof all stainless steel sampling probes, sampling pretreatment and double finishing cabinets according to the specific working parameters and requirements of converters in steel plants. The dust particle size of the clean sample gas sent to the analytical instrument after treatment is less than 0.1μ.




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