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GAC-E100 Hot-Blast Stove Flue Gas Analysis System


The GAC-E100 hot-blast stove flue gas analysis system is installed on the exhaust gas flue of the hot-blast stove. During the "combustion" period of the hot-blast stove, the combustion-supporting air and the gas are completely combusted according to a certain air-fuel ratio. By detecting the content of O2 and CO in the exhaust gas, it can truly reflect the effect of the combustion process and achieve the best adjustment control, so as to achieve the purpose of improving combustion efficiency, saving energy,reducing consumption, and reducing environmental pollution.






GAC-E100 Hot-Blast Stove Flue Gas Analysis System

By detecting the content of O2 and CO in the exhaust gas, it can truly reflect the effect of the combustion process and achieve the best adjustment control, so as to achieve the purpose of improving combustion efficiency, saving energy,reducing consumption, and reducing environmental pollution.




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