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GAB-T100 Blast Furnace Coal Injection Flue Gas Analysis System


The GAB-T100 is an online gas analysis and detection system device for blast furnace coal injection system developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd for the dangerous places of domestic blast furnace bituminous coal pulverization and injection and harsh working conditions. It is specially designed for the blast furnace coal injection system in specific harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, dusty and wet. It can be applied to the outlet of the hot-blast stove, the inlet and outlet of the ball mill, the outlet of the cyclone dust collector, the outlet of the milling bag, the inlet of the pulverized coal bin, etc. in the coal pulverizing system. According to user requirements, it can flexibly realize single-point sampling, two-point sampling; single-point online, multi-point switching automatic sampling and analysis system.




GAB-T100 Blast Furnace Coal Injection Flue Gas Analysis System

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The GAB-T100 is an online gas analysis and detection system device for blast furnace coal injection system developed for the dangerous places of domestic blast furnace bituminous coal pulverization and injection and harsh working conditions. It is specially designed for the blast furnace coal injection system in specific harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, dusty and wet.




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