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GAD-D100 Blast Furnace Top Flue Gas Analysis System


The GAD-D100 furnace top flue gas analysis system is specially designed for the blast furnace top gas in specific harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, dusty and wet. It can ensure online continuous automatic operation of the system accurately in a long-term stable situation. Providing the volume percentage of CO, CO2, H2, and N2 in the top gas for the blast furnace is an indispensable detection device for improving the smelting level of the blast furnace, saving energy and reducing consumption, and ensuring safe production.




GAD-D100 Blast Furnace Top Flue Gas Analysis System

The GAD-D100 furnace top flue gas analysis system is specially designed for the blast furnace top gas in specific harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, dusty and wet. It can ensure online continuous automatic operation of the system accurately in a long-term stable situation.




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