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ZBF-T000 High-Precision Water Temperature Difference Monitoring System for Blast Furnace


The product developed for measuring the cooling water temperature difference for a blast furnace wall



The high-temperature and high-pressure equipment such as metallurgical iron-making blast furnaces often require water to cool the high-temperature furnace body and high-temperature pipelines. In these places, it is very important to monitor the temperature and temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water. However, the monitoring of cooling water heat load and water temperature difference of blast furnace cooling stave has always been a difficult problem that cannot be ignored in blast furnace production but has not been solved by effective means.

The high-precision water temperature difference monitoring system developed by our company for the blast furnace operation site can accurately, real-time and effectively monitor the cooling water temperature of blast furnace and water temperature difference. It is a real-time monitoring system integrates on-site data collection, real-time picture update, data analysis and processing, and automatic report generation. At the same time, it can store data and provide sound and light alarm, which is convenient for management and production personnel to analyze and operate. The system database allows other system calls to facilitate coordination with other systems.

The application of the system can effectively strengthen the real-time detection of the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water of the blast furnace cooling system. It is also an important measure to prolong the life of the blast furnace and ensure safe production.


The principle of the system

The system collects the temperature value in real time through the professional temperature data acquisition unit installed on the furnace wall, and can amplify and convert the signal through the signal processing part, and uploads it to the analysis system in the monitoring computer in the central control room through the communication cable. The special communication interface and special software processes the data to realize a series of data display and processing work, analyze the real-time changes of each cooling stave of the blast furnace, and then conduct induction, comparison and calculation to obtain the technical signals and technical parameters required on site.

By setting the upper and lower limit values for important monitoring data, the real-time alarm system can reflect whether there is any abnormality in the blast furnace in the first time; by viewing and analyzing historical data, we can know the service condition of furnace body in each period, which provide a strong scientific basis for the next stage of decision-making.

The system can monitor the instantaneous flow of each cooling stave and cooling water pipeline and the water temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipelines in real time and continuously, and calculate the thermal load value accordingly, so as to control the temperature changes inside and outside the blast furnace, and ensure the normal production and operation of the blast furnace and increase the service life of the blast furnace.


The features of the system

It uses high-precision professional measurement technology and online real-time measurement of cooling water temperature, and the measurement accuracy can reach 0.01%. It has small transmission error, and the system accuracy and measurement accuracy are synchronized.

The integrated structure of the temperature sensor and the temperature transmitter, the temperature sensor and the temperature transmitter are packaged in the thermowell at the same time. High precision, good stability, convenient signal transmission, almost not affected by ambient temperature.

Providing rich interface methods: wireless network, industrial Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP.DIVICE NT, standard 4-20mA output.

Using a wireless network protocol developed for industrial sites, each temperature measurement data can be transmitted simultaneously in multiple paths. Improving transmission reliability. Flexible and convenient installation.

Using advanced computer software management system to process data, user-friendly interface operation, open database, it can display temperature curve in real time, generate statistical reports, provide temperature warning and print various data, etc.

Can be equipped with sound and light alarm and large screen display.

The system structure is simple and reasonable, suitable for industrial field use.


The functions of the system

1. Real-time display of detection data of water temperature difference and heat flow intensity

2. Real-time display of situation diagram of water temperature difference

3. Single point temperature, heat load measurement of 300 point

4. Data storage, query and printing functions

5. Overvalue alarm function of water temperature difference

6. Provide the data interface for the existing operation data of blast furnace, such as air volume, air pressure, air temperature, coal injection, weighing and furnace top CO, CO2, N2, H2 data, etc.


The function extension

1. Calculation of blast furnace heat load, the calculation results are displayed in real-time data, trend screen, etc.

2. Calculation of furnace heat index, providing trend record of blast furnace heat, and providing calculation basis for furnace heat forecast

3. Analysis of furnace wall thickness and slag coating peeling off

4. The furnace bottom erosion calculation model, providing operators with a reference picture of the furnace bottom erosion state

5. Blast furnace batching calculation model


The composition of the system

The system is composed of three parts: online data acquisition and detection, data processing, and expert analysis software.


1. Data collection and detection:

The temperature measurement sensor and the temperature transmitter are integrated structures, both of them are packaged in the temperature measurement bushing at the same time. The outer bushing is made of pressure-resistant stainless steel tube, the measuring probe is made of high-precision semiconductor devices, and the temperature transmitter includes a circuit part and a sensor integrated with it. Using the two-wire method, the standard 4-20mA signal is directly output, and enter the computer system from the serial port through a technology to Profibus bus technology to complete the processing, storage, display and other functions of a large amount of data. It has the characteristics of reliability, convenience and economy.

Digital temperature meters and heat load meters can be mixed on the same bus, and the meters are directly powered by the remote adapter without external power supply, which is easy to use. Measuring cable lengths up to 200 meters.


2. Data processing center:

The data processing center is composed of a communication server and a PC-specific control machine. The data processing center is responsible for calculating the measurement data sent from the water temperature difference detection, processing the detection data, and then performing fine-tuning and correction of errors.

3. System software:

The whole system adopts advanced computer expert diagnosis technology to fully integrate temperature measurement, data processing, storage, self-calibration and communication, forming a highly integrated and integrated analysis and diagnosis system with high reliability and stability.

The main functions of the system software include: layered and centralized real-time display of the heat load, inlet and outlet water temperature, temperature difference, flow real-time curve and historical curve of the designated cooling stave; dynamic display of the real-time working condition of the layer's heat load in the form of a blast furnace cross-section diagram, which provides new means the production of blast furnace.

The fastest inspection cycle of the system is 180 points/2S, and the time can be set according to the needs. The system speed is much higher than the general PLC or DCS system.


The features of the system

1. Accuracy: ±0.05℃

2. Minimum resolution: <0.01℃

3. Single point temperature range: 0℃~(50~70℃)

4. Power supply: 24VDC±1V

5. Current: ≤ 20mA

6. Absolute error of full scale: <0.05℃

7. Absolute error at 30℃-40℃ in common working section: <0.1℃

8. Inconsistency of the transmitter used as a pairing for temperature difference measurement: <0.1℃

9. Load resistance: 100Ω-270Ω

10. It is suitable for cooling water temperature measurement of all large, medium and small blast furnaces in the metallurgical industry and other high-precision temperature measurement at normal temperature and small range.





ZBF-T000 High-Precision Water Temperature Difference Monitoring System for Blast Furnace

The metallurgical iron-making blast furnaces often require water to cool the high-temperature furnace body and high-temperature pipelines. It is very important to monitor the temperature and temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water. The monitoring system can accurately, real-time and effectively monitor the cooling water temperature of blast furnace etc.




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