ZBF-T100 Blast Furnace

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ZBF-T100Blast Furnace

ZBF-T100 Blast furnace high-precisionWaterTemperatureDifferenceMonitorSystemIntroduction

measurement of cooling wall water temperature difference of blast furnace soft water closed circulation system is the key technology of blast furnace automation and measurement and control. With the development of blast furnace control technology and the improvement of process requirements, the measurement and control of blast furnace cooling water temperature difference becomes more important. In actual production, the excessive temperature difference of cooling water reflects that the furnace wall temperature is too high, which seriously affects the life of the blast furnace. Increasing the amount of cooling water can make the temperature difference smaller, but the temperature difference is too small, resulting in energy waste and increasing production costs. Accurate and stable measurement of temperature difference is the basis of control. For the calculation of blast furnace heat load, cooling water temperature difference is an important reference data. Judging from the requirements of modern ironmaking process, accurate and stable water temperature difference measurement is very important to guide the maintenance of blast furnace type.

The water temperature difference measuring for closed loop soft water cooling systemblast furnace is key technology for automation and measuring & controlling of blast furnace. With development of blast furnace controlling technology and higher requirement of production, the high-precision measuring and controlling of blast furnace cooling water is more and more important. In production procedure, higher temperature difference of cooling water implies over-heat of furnace wall, and will effect the lifetime of blast furnace;On the contrary, lower temperature difference means over-cooling, will lead to waste of energy and increase cost. As for calculation of blast furnace heat load, the cooling water temperature difference iskey parameter, and also means great value for maintenance of furnace.

Wuhan Zhongfeiyang Measurement and Control Engineering Co., Ltd.ZBF-T100blast furnace high-precision water temperature difference monitoring system can monitor the instantaneous flow rate of each cooling wall cooling water pipe and the water temperature difference of the inlet and outlet pipes in real time and continuously, and calculate the heat load value based on this, so as to grasp the temperature change in the blast furnace, ensure the normal production of the blast furnace and improve the service life of the blast furnace.

The ZBF-T100 system can calculate heat load by instantly, continuously measuring the temperature difference of input-output cooling pipes and instantaneous flow rate. By these data the operator can figure out the temperature changing and heat distribution, hence insuresthe normal activity and prolongsthe lifetime of blast furnace.

ZBF-T100blast furnace high-precision water temperature difference monitoring system consists of the following parts:

lHigh Precision Water Temperature Measurement Sensor

lFront-end Data Acquisition System

lsignal transmission network

lData Processing Center

lmeasurement and control software package

lInstall the cabinet and console

The main parts of ZBF-T100BlastFurnaceHigh-precisionWaterTemperatureDifferenceMonitorSystem:

lHigh-precision water temperature measuring sensors

lFront-end data collecting system

lSignal transmitting network

lData processing center

lMeasuring & controlling software packs

lEquipment cabinets and operation station

ZBF-T100blast furnace high-precision water temperature difference monitoring system is mainly composed of high-precision water temperature measurement sensors, network communication cables, front-end data acquisition, signal transmission networks, operation stations (workstations) and servers. These devices form an independent measurement, calculation and analysis network, And through the gateway and the highfurnacePLCInteractive data to calculate the heat load..ZBF-T100The high-precision water temperature difference monitoring system for blast furnace adopts the installation of high-precision water temperature measurement sensors in pairs of each cooling wall inlet and outlet water pipe of blast furnace to detect the temperature change of closed-circuit cooling water on the furnace wall, and realize the real-time display of blast furnace cooling data and the analysis of blast furnace heat load. The high-precision water temperature measurement sensor measures the temperature change parameters of the blast furnace wall, which are digitally transmitted to the front-end acquisition system. The front-end acquisition system integrates multiple furnace wall temperature parameters, and realizes data networking and signal transmission through the signal transmission network. The transmission is sent to the operation station (workstation) and the server, and the data is calculated by the data processing center and the measurement and control software package, obtain the blast furnace cooling information and blast furnace heat load analysis required by users.

The hardware of ZBF-T100BlastFurnaceHigh-precisionWaterTemperatureDifferenceMonitorSystemiscompositedof high-precision water temperature measuring sensors, network communication cable, front-end data collectors, signal transmitting network, operation stations and server. All these parts make up an independent measuring, processing and analyzing network in order to calculate heat load, which interactively exchanges data with furnace's PLC through gateway. The ZBF-T100 has installed pair of high-precision water temperature difference measuring sensors at every cooling pipe's input and output ends on coolingstaveof furnaceIt can displayblast furnace's cooling data real-time andperformheat load analysisat same time. The data of water temperature'sdistribution parameteron cooling stavefurnace collected by high-precision water temperature measuring sensorsis transmittedto front-end data collecting system by digital signal, who integrates several these temperature parametersandsendsto operation stations and servers through digital network. The processing center analyzes these data packages and reports to operator the cooling distribution information and heat load analysis result.

The functions of each subsystem are as follows(The functions of subsystems are as below):

high-precision water temperature measurement sensor: measure the temperature signal of inlet and outlet water from the blast furnace wall and realize digital output.

High-precision water temperature measuring sensor: measuring the input or output cooling water temperature of furnace wall, and reportingthe dataindigitalformat.

Front-end Acquisition System: Front-end Acquisition Communication SystemZBF-S0 **RS485/Industrial Ethernet Equipment.ZBF-Smodules are freely programmableITmain processor unit, via EthernetandIPC,MMIand other devices perform high-speed data communication. Front-end acquisition data acquisition moduleblockZBF-S016belt16communication components with digital input and output, the input or output working mode of the same port can be freely selected and set by the software according to actual tasks, and optimized and customized according to the water temperature difference measurement sensor.

Front-end data collecting system: the systemhasusedthe ZBF-S0** RS485/industryethernet equipment. ZBF-S module, whose main core is free-programmable TICPU, can connect to IPC, MMI and so on by high-speedethernet. Front-end data collecting module ZBF-S016 has 16 digital input-output communication units, whose working mode can be configureddepending ontask profile and optimally customizedaccordingwhat kind of temperature sensor connected.

onlineoperation station (workstation): The online operation station provides a real-time operation monitoring window (alarm data is stored on the server) to display the heat load value of the blast furnace in real time. It has the function of online display of heat flow intensity and burning loss status.

Online operation station: providingfunctions of displaying real-time watching data (alarm data stored in server)andheat-load of blast furnace, and instantaneouslyreportingheat-load density and erosion status.

Offline server: The offline server allows you to query, configure, change and save the water temperature difference. When you query, you can call the data files stored on the online workstation and dynamically reproduce the previously monitored data.

Offline server: providingfunctions of querying, configuring,andsaving data. Also can dynamically redisplay stored data collected from online front-end operating station.

network equipment: The switch is used to form a local area network with the front-end data collection system, operating station and server.furnacePLCInteractive communication.

Network equipments: by using switcherssystemhas connected front-end data collecting systems, operating station and server into an intranet, which also has connection with blast furnace PLC.

system software package: realize the temperature processing and display of the water temperature difference system, form a complete blast furnace wall temperature field and temperature flow chart, heat capacity and heat density analysis, realize temperature trend and heat load analysis, complete data storage and management; historical report, Historical alarm legend printing, real-time data printing; through programmingLANinterface allows you to store record files, input and output offline data, and form a long-term historical file database.

System software packages: can analyze and display whole blast furnace wall temperature field, heat-load flowing chats, heat-density analyzing result; can save and manage data collected from sensors; can make history reporting, history alarm data chart printing or online data printing; through programmer's network interface, can storedata-record file, input or outputoffline data; can build long-term history archive database.

on High Precision Water Temperature Difference System of Blast Furnace:

lTemperature Acquisition Module and System ZL 2013 2 0199285.7 for Blast Furnace Water Temperature Difference

on High Precision Water Temperature Difference System of Blast Furnace:

lBlast Furnace Cooling Wall Water Temperature Difference Detection System 2013SR101343

The pattern of blast furnace high-precision water temperature difference system:

lThe temperature collecting module and system of blast furnace: ZL 2013 2 0199285.7

The software copyright of blast furnace high-precision water temperature difference system:

lBlast furnace cooling stave water temperature difference measuring system:2013SR101343

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