SPD-V200 Multifunctional Roll Gap Meter System

Created on:2022-07-14

SPD-V200Multifunctional Roll Gap Instrument System


SPD-V200multifunctionroller gap meter is developed by Wuhan Zhongfeiyang Measurement and Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. with rechargeable battery power supply group,by highspeedDSPcontrol,Measuring Device for Automatic Measurement of Physical Parameters of Continuous Caster. Itscan obtain roller gap,the butt joint state of the outer arc roller,roller bending,outer arc roller centering,Measurement Results of Secondary Cold Water.and transmitted to technicians through wireless data interface,to identify possible problems in the continuous casting machine that cause the quality of the cast billet to decrease..

We developed SPD-V200Multi-functionRollerGapInstrument for measuring continuous casting system's physical parameters; the systemispowered by rechargeable battery array, and controlled by high-speed DSP. It can acquire data of roller gap,outer arc roll docking state,roller curve,secondary water cooler's status,and so on,by wireless data transmitting interface. This kind of system isvery important for quality controllingof billets.

SPD-V200multifunctionroller gap meter through connecting spindle rod,from the continuous casting machine,to complete the measurement process,is stored in the non-volatile memory inside the roller gap meter..during measurement,The operator can know the status of the casting machine through the wireless interface in real time.,All parameters and analysis reports of the casting machine can be obtained after all tests are completed..

The measuring processof SPD-V200 instrument isgoingthroughthe entirecasting procedure of steel casting system,whenconnected by dummy barof casting system.data is stored in nonvolatile memorywhich isbuiltininstrument system. Operatorscan acquire the real-time status of casting system during measuring procedure, and at endcananalyze whole datapackdownloaded through wireless interface to build a status report by using our analyzing software.

SPD-V200-type multifunctional roller gap meter has many successful cases under the joint promotion of major steel companies and design institutes,has been well received by users.

Under the propagation of many main steel-makers and design institutes, SPD-V200Multi-functionRollerGapInstrumenthasmany successful deployingcases, andhas gainedfull of praise fromusers.

SPD-V200type multifunctional roller gap meter consists of the following parts:

The main parts of SPD-V200Multi-functionRollerGapInstrument:

lroller gap meter measuring frame

lsensor assembly

lData Measurement Unit

lControl Unit

lhydraulic actuator system

lwireless transmission module

lonline display unit

ldata processing software

lCheck tool

lbattery pack and charger

linstruction manual and professional instruction

lInfrastructure of instrument

lSensor modules

lData collecting module

lControl unit

lHydraulic service system

lWireless transmitting module

lOnline running status display unit

lData analysis software

lCalibration and measurement tools

lBatteryarray and recharger

lUser manualsand special operating manuals

SPD-V200automatic roll gap meterflexible and perfect system configuration, modular structural design, and professional environmental protection measures, it can be seamlessly connected in the continuous casting machines of major manufacturers, and it is completetesting and analysis software, complete maintenancetool, flexibleto makemaintenance costs and workload are greatly reduced.

SPD-V200Multi-functionRollerGapInstrument has features of flexible and thorough system configuration, modular structure design, and professional environment protecting utility; sohas beenselected by many steel-makers to seamlessly cooperatewith their steel casting systems. The maintenance cost and working load alsocan bereduceddue to ourmeasuring and analyzing software, maintenance tool packs provided by our company, and alsobecauseversatile usages of the system.

Wuhan Zhongfeiyang Measurement and Control Engineering Co., Ltd. is willing to work closely with steel mills, design institutes and integrated suppliers to promote, improve and optimize the detection and control level of continuous casting machines and eliminate continuous casting machines.productionaccidents to improve the production and operation rate of continuous casting.

The Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Company sincerely wants to cooperateanysteel-maker, design institute, integration provider to promote, improve and optimize measuring and controlling technologies of continuous casting system, in order to prevent production accident and hence level up efficiency.

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