LAG-S100 Bale Slag System

Created on:2022-07-14

LAG-S100 Slag Carry-over Detection System Introduction



Our LAG-S100Slag Carry-overDetectionSystemhas fulfilledonline real-time measuringof slag quantity flowed from ladle, depending on techniques of white noised high-temperature signals collecting and transmitting, greatlyimprovesautomation level of continuous casting system.


On the one hand, the parts of LAG-S100arecapable to be stableusing insituation evenupto temperature900,and on the other handthe connector can deliver 10-6V signal at temperature400.


LAG-S100 system posses features of high temperature resistance, fast dynamic response, high precision, stable and robustusagein controlling system, anti-interference capability; andconsists of high-sensitive analog signal collectingmodulesand high-precision digital gain-compensation modesetting.


(The main parts of LAG-S100 Slag Carry-Out Detection System):

lCoil for ladle slag carry-out detection

lHigh-temperature resistance connector module

lSignal cable


lCentral processing unit

lExcitation power unit

lOnline workconsole(workstation)

lLadle slag carry-out detectionsoftware

lCabinetsfor controllersand workstations

lField indication & operation unit

lBlueprint for setting & wires linking

lOperation manuals


LAG-S100 Ladle SlagCarry-outDetectionSystem builds with robust signal collecting units, high-temperature resistance cable & connectors, high efficient & precision compensation controllingcircuit, full-band excitation powerunit; and increasessteel yieldandsubsequently reducesslag inclusion in billetsundercooperationdifferent brand of steel casting systemsof several main steel-makers.


Our LAG-S100 Ladle Slag Carry-out DetectionSystem hasmany successful deploying cases with support frommanymain steel-makers and metallurgical design institutes; at same time, our LAG-V020 series ladle slag carry-out detection coils canalsomatchimported ladle slag carry-out detection systems, substitutingtheir coils in full mode. This kind service of optimizing, replacingand upgrading for expensive and occasionally lacking support imported systemhas gainedus applause from our customers.


Attached with the sensor brief introduction



sensor uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for signal detection, and its typical structure is two concentric coils. When the primary coil is subjected to an intermediate frequency excitation current,due to magnetic field,generates eddy currents in steel flows,the direction of its magnetic field is opposite to the direction of the magnetic field generated by the coil.Because the conductivity of slag is much lower than that of molten steel at high temperature(about1/1000),, the eddy current generated in the slag is much smaller than the eddy current generated in the molten steel..pouring process, all molten steel flows out at the beginning of pouring.,to later stage of steel pouring,steel slag mixed out,,reduces the conductivity of the solution,electromagnetic field will be enhanced,this signal is measured by the secondary coil.

The working principal

The system uses the electromagnetic principal for detecting the slag;typical structure is two concentric coils. When primitive coil hasbeen conducted by mid-frequency excitement current, there will be eddy current produced in liquid steelthe opposite direction becausemagnetic field. Because the conductivity of slag is much lower than liquid steel's (about 1/1000);the eddy current of slag will be much lowerthat of liquid steel. So during casting procedure, first come out is totally liquid steel, and at the end, there will be slag sneaked in, which will cause lower conductivity, and then higher magnetic field density, that will be capture by the secondary coil.



sensor composition principle

the use of high temperature resistant materials willN1.N2two sets of special coils are isolated, the coils are integrally packaged in a flat ring made of special steel, and two pairs of signal lines are led out from the two sets of coils by unique technical methods and transmitted to the secondary part.

Sensor composition principal

There are two special made coils separated by heat-resistancematerial, which had been capsulated into a flat circular ring made by special steel. The two pairs of signal wires had been introduced to secondary part of system from this steel ring, by our unique technology.


The installation of sensor

The sensor had been settled under ladle's datum plate, coaxial with liquid steel gate and at same time as guidance part for the casing pipe of ladle's gate.

technical characteristics

1.adoptedimportmaterials and installed at the bottom of the ladle to act as guide components for the ladle nozzle can be used for a long time up900°Cenvironment, achieves no burning, no damage and has good weak slag signal detection characteristics. The service life of the sensor reaches800-1500furnace.

2.sensor can meet the microvolt level under high temperature, high impedance, and strong oxidation conditions (1uV = 10-6V) slag signal remote transmission, to achieve long-term zero impedance reuse.

3.sensor works for a long time in a high temperature environment, the signal drift is caused by changes in the characteristics of impedance and other distribution parameters. The system can automatically identify and compensate automatically, thus ensuring the accuracy of signal processing and prediction of the system.

Technical characters

1.Made by imported high quality material. Can be installed under ladle as water gate's guidance part. Can endure high temperature working environment up900°C, and can simultaneously get the weak signal of slag at condition of unbroken and unburned. The working lifetimeof sensor can be up to 800-1500 ladles.

2.The connector of sensor can satisfy the requirement of transmitting micro-volt signal under circumstance of high-temperature and strong oxidation, andcanstill remain nearly zero resistance.

3.The sensor can automatically compensate for the signal shifting, due to parameter changing caused by high temperature working circumstances, subsequently ensure the accuracy of processingand predictingof system.



lSensor working life: > 800 heats

lSensor Working temperature:<900

lCable working temperature:<400


sensor and preamplifier



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