BPS-K600 Leakage Forecast System

Created on:2022-07-14

BPS-K600 Leakage Forecast System

BPS-K600 Casting Breakout PredictionSystemIntroduction

Independent Research and Development by Wuhan Zhongfeiyang Measurement and Control Engineering Co., Ltd.BPS-K600breakout prediction system adopts neural network and combines with traditional artificial intelligence and information technology to overcome the defects of traditional logic prediction model and has adaptive, self-organizing and self-learning functions.

Our Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Company hasdeveloped BPS-K600 Breakout Prediction System independently, which implements neural network, composites with traditional automatic intelligence and information technology, and overcomes defects of traditional systemwhichdependsontraditionallogical prediction, and also has abilities of self-adapting,self-reorganizing and self-learning.

breakout prediction system has an industrial network optimization architecture. According to the distribution law of the mold temperature field on site, it can respond and track in real time, learn and judge itself, provide early warning information for on-site operation, effectively prevent breakout accidents, greatly reduce production costs and improve the safety factor of continuous casting.

OurBreakout predictionsystemhasgreatly reduced the cost of production and leveled up the security of castingprocedure, by instantly warning the operatorduethe abilities of self-learning and self-judgingwhichdepend on the data tracking of mould temperature field distribution changesthat arecollected by optimized industry standard network infrastructure.

Wuhan Zhongfeiyang Measurement and Control Engineering Co., Ltd.BPS-K600continuous casting mold leakage prediction system can monitor the whole process of crystallization temperature field in real time, and on-line analysis, processing, display, leakage alarm and other functions of detection parameters, and automatically or manually control the pulling speed to realize the growth of billet shell to ensure the safety of billet casting process.

Our BPS-K600 Casting Breakout Prediction System can monitor,record and displaymold temperature field data at real-time mode; also can analyzeimmediately and capable control the rolling speed of casting system automatically or manually, whichmakecasting proceduremore safer.

BPS-K600continuous casting mold leakage prediction system consists of the following parts(The build parts of BPS-K600CastingMouldBreakoutPredictionSystem):

lLeakage Measurement

lOverload connection plug-in

lFront-end Data Acquisition System

lOnline operation station (workstation)

lOffline servers

lnetwork accessories

lbreakout prediction system

linstallation cabinet and control cabinet

lbreakout prediction system

lwork instruction

lThermo sensor matrix for breakout prediction

lConnector module capable of heavy load

lFront-end data collecting system

lOnline operatingstation(Windows NT workstation)

lOffline server

lNetwork auxiliary

lBreakout prediction system software packages

lEquipment cabinets for station and controllers

lStructure and wiring blueprints of breakout prediction system

lSystem operating manuals

BPSseries of breakout forecasting systems enable them to be seamlessly connected and complete in the continuous casters of major manufacturers.LGKseries of special tools and accessories for breakout forecasting greatly reduce the maintenance cost and workload of the system.

BPS series of breakout prediction systemhasbeen deployed in many steel makers'casting system seamlessly, due to versatile system configuration, modularized structure design and professional environment protecting solution. We also provide LGK series special tools and supplement parts for BPS system, which make maintenance work easier and cheaper.

BPS-K600breakout forecasting system has many successful cases and benefits at the same time.BPS-K600breakout prediction system inMany large domestic steel mills provide foreign manufacturers' breakout forecasting system optimization, replacement and upgrade services, which have won unanimous praise from users.

BPS-K600 breakout prediction system hasmany successful cases with cooperation of some main steelmakers and designing institutes; evensubstitutesmany foreign brand similar systems. Depending on effects of usage, BPS-K600 system winsus praise fromourcustomers.

on breakout prediction system:

lthermocouple assembly and breakout prediction system ZL 2012 2 0546525.1

l connector protection box ZL 2011 2 0262152.0

l K type thermocouple acquisition module ZL 2012 2 0002780.X

The registered patterns of breakout prediction system:

lthermocouple and breakout predicting system: ZL 2012 2 0546525.1

l The protecting case of connectors: ZL 2011 2 0262152.0

l Collecting module of K type thermocouple: ZL 2012 2 0002780.X

on breakout forecasting system:

l leakage prediction online detection system 2012SR101378

L leakage forecast offline query system 2012SR101051

The software copyright of breakout prediction system:

lBreakout prediction system online module:2012SR101378

lBreakout prediction system offline query module:2012SR101051

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