Online Continuous Temperature Measuring Scheme for the End of Continuously Cast Product

Created on:2022-07-12

Online Continuous Temperature Measuring Scheme for the End of Continuously Cast Product

1. Introduction 

The system aims at the continuous detection of the temperature at the end of the product obtained from the continuous casting machine. The continuously cast product and its surrounding environmental factors such as scale, steam, shielding and other factors, are considered in the scheme design and equipment selection. The accurate detection and real-time transmission of temperature during the movement of the cast product are also considered.



2. Technological and equipment requirements 

a) Temperature of the cast product is 600-850

b) Adopt non-contact detection

c) The detection mechanism is located above the cast product with high temperature radiation protection.

d) The continuous casting machine is three strands shaped blank continuous caster.

e) Requires secondary instrument and connection to PLC via analog or network.

f) High reliability and easy to replace the spare parts.




3. The equipment selection

a) Temperature detection

The temperature of the cast product is detected by Raytek's bichrome integrated thermometer;

Model: MR1S;

Temperature measurement range: 600°C - 1400°C;

All components are installed in a sturdy housing for continuous measurement. The optimized treatment is taken for the problems that the cast product is hindered by steam or other particles (scale) in the environment, the movement of the cast product or the installation limited field of view. It provides fast, real-time monitoring of high temperature slab.

b) Equipment cooling

Using AIR-ST air cooling apparatus, no power supply is needed, only dry air is required, and the low temperature cooling gas below 0°C is output to cool the three sets of temperature detection equipment.

c) Signal transmission

The bidirectional RS-485 communication of the measurement and control system is used among the three measuring equipment, and the measuring equipment and the secondary instrument. The analog signal or DP network communication is used between the secondary instrument and the PLC. The signal transmission equipment adopts the communication equipment RD-S100DP that supports analog signal and DP network.

d) Purge device (optional)

When the environmental occlusion is relatively severe, and its main occlusion is gaseous substances such as steam, it is recommended to use a purging device. The purging device uses dry air to originate, and the solenoid valve controls the start and stop.

e) Software

The DataTemp software is used to remotely set and monitor the measuring equipment, and it can be used to analyze and process the temperature data and eliminate invalid signals. Through the software, the interference factors such as steam and scale are screened, and the actual temperature of the casting billet is displayed in real time.



4. Topology

a) Measurement system

The measurement system consists of three infrared measuring devices, which are transmitted to the secondary instrument through 485. The secondary instrument converts the measured value into a standard internal signal and transmits the standard internal signal to the communication component through 485. The communication component transmits the standard internal signal to the PLC for data display through DP network or 4-20mA analog signal.

b) Cooling system

The cooling system adopts a set of air cooling apparatus to cool each set of measuring equipment to solve the problem of high temperature radiation in the environment. The air source pressure is required to be 0.5Kpa, the flow rate is required to be 24L/min, and the air source is dry air. The compressed air should be dehydrated and filtered before entering the air cooling device.

5. Technical features 

a) Using Si/Si stack detector, high sensitivity

b) It is easy to use and has sturdy housing, which meets NEMA-4 standard

c) Bidirectional RS-485/DP communication (can be networked), supports up to 32 detection sensors

d) With user-defined alarm methods, analog and digital outputs are synchronized

e) Use protective devices and air cooling devices, can withstand high temperature environment

f) Accurate measurement of moving targets or targets obscured by dust, smoke and other particles in the atmosphere

g) Adopt passive cooling apparatus, high cooling efficiency and low maintenance

h) Use software to remotely set and monitor, analyze and secondary process the data, and optimize occlusion measurement



6. Technical parameters

a) measurement range600℃~1400

b) response time10ms

c) spectral responsebicolor

d) accuracy:±0.75%

e) repeatability:±0.3%

f) cooling air pressure>0.5Kpa

g) cooling air flow24L/min

h) max.temperature165

i) output signal485 / DP / 4-20mA

j) environment standardNEMA4IEC529IP65


7. Equipment list

Note: This plan does not consider the extremely harsh environment of the casting machine. For example, it is recommended to use the FR1 optical fiber colorimeter thermometer in this environment. The cooling method adopts independent air cooling or water cooling, and its equipment configuration needs to be adjusted accordingly.



The non-contact thermometer series designed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. integrates high performance and advanced digital technology, and is specially designed for working in harsh environments. The bichrome (colorimetric) thermometers can be used in applications where high accuracy is required. The products have advanced optoelectronic systems, intelligent digital circuits, built-in user interface and durable housing. They can be widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, cement, heat treatment, forging, casting and other occasions. The bichrome probe can accurately measure the temperature of small or moving targets, or targets covered by dust, smoke, etc. The optical fiber probe can work in the environment of 200 ℃ by itself, and can be used for target temperature measurement in narrow spaces; the thermal protective sleeve can make the probe work in the environment of 315 ℃.


System performance characteristics 

l Output4-20mA / RS485 Power supply24VDC 

l Temperature  range-40~3000°C 

l Wavelength1 / 1.6 micronsDistance factormax. 3001 

l Optical lens aiming and laser aiming 

l Response time: can reach 1ms 

l Rear panel display and parameter setting, software parameter setting 

l Optional accessories such as cooling and air purging, thermal protection jacket, etc 

l Standard focal length SF / close focal length CF1

l On-site calibration software 

l Accuracy and repeatability: see the table above 

l Can form a multi-point temperature measurement network with 32 probes  


System standard packaging

MRZ/MAZ series: Infrared probe, 4 meters long high temperature cable and an operating manual.

FRZ/FAZ series: Infrared probe, 1 meter optical fiber (length can be customized) and electronic box and an operation manual.

The price of 4 meters long high temperature cable needs to be calculated the price separately. 


System application industry 

Iron and steel metallurgy, heat treatment, kiln, glass, induction heating, metal smelting and other medium, high and low temperature applications.


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